Camper Tools - User manual

Level RV:
Most RV drivers know: When you arrive at the destination, you still want to quickly level the motorhome horizontally. Which wheels need the ramps? How far do I have to drive on the ramps? Is the RV leveled now? Drive on the ramps, measure, correct, with spirit level or other tools, it needs some experience to get it done.

Camper Tools helps by displaying accurate on-screen information and instructions and announcing them through the speakerphone. Now you know exactly how far you have to lift the mobile on the individual wheels so that it stands horizontally. Save time and nerves. Make it easy!

Safety note: Please rank carefully and make sure that no persons, animals or objects are in the danger zone.

To level the motorhome, simply select the spirit level symbol on the home screen or select „Level RV“ in the menu. Before the first leveling, the wheelbase and the tread width of the RVmust be entered. Then place the smartphone in the direction of travel on a horizontal surface, especially the kitchen block or the floor are suitable. Then press the start button and follow the instructions on the screen or the voice instructions.

Camper Tools can be adapted to any RV. To do this, enter the wheelbase and the tread width of the RV in the settings menu. The values should be taken out of the technical data section in the operating instructions or other document or measured on the vehicle, ideally already at home. Once entered, Camper Tools can then always calculate and display the exact height on each individual wheel.

If the axles have different tread widths, please enter the mean tread width in Camper Tools. With this the precision is pretty good. For example if the RV has a tread width of 180cm front and 200cm rear, you should enter a value of 190cm. With an inclination of 2.0° the hight deviation is 3,5mm only in this example.

Calibrate Smartphone:
In order to level the RV precisely, the sensors of the smartphone should be calibrated. To do this, select the menu item „Calibrate device“. An accurate calibration should be done on a 100% horizontal surface, preferably already at home.